Aug 3, 2021


As part of our summer series, register to join one, or both, of our one-hour August webinars.

Starting at 11 am on August 11, LiverLearning presents  CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE IN NASH PATIENTSIn this one-hour webinar, learn about physiological changes of the heart in NAFLD/NASH patients, cardiac outcomes in NAFLD patients (association with disease severity, morbidity and mortality, transplant mortality and post-transplant data) and how to include cardiac outcomes in NASH clinical trials.

The next webinar, held on August 26 at noon, is titled THE USE QUANTITATIVE HBSAG IN CLINICAL PRACTICE. This webinar will focus on the need of clinical guidance on how to use quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen and the ways in which it will be useful to the provider and patient community.

For more details and to register, click here.