These highly interactive, small group sessions are opportunities for attendees to engage with well-known liver disease experts. Both researchers and clinicians can ask questions, explore a wide variety of timely topics and network with both peers and leaders in the field.

Note: Meet-the-Professor Luncheons require a separate ticket.


Saturday, November 9
Clinical: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Basic: 11:45 am - 1:15 pm

Continuing Medical Education

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  • Meet-the-Professor Luncheons: Clinical
  • Meet-the-Professor Luncheons: Basic
  • MTP - 01
    Ask the Expert on Cirrhosis: What are the Best Strategies to Avoid Readmissions?
    Fasiha Kanwal
    Elliot Tapper
  • MTP - 02
    Ask the Expert on Portal Hypertension: Are There Useful Clinical and Laboratory Predictors to Identify and Treat Portal Hypertension?
    Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao
    Juan Abraldes
  • MTP - 03
    Ask the Expert on Hepatitis B: What are the Best Treatment and Monitoring Strategies?
    Marc G. Ghany
    Nancy Reau
  • MTP - 04
    Ask the Expert on Hepatitis C: HCV – Special Population
    Donald Jensen
    Hugo Vargas
  • MTP - 05
    Ask the Expert on Autoimmune Hepatitis: What is the Best Strategy to Treat Patients Who Relapse After Reduction of Immunosuppression?
    Gideon Hirschfield
    Michael Heneghan
  • MTP - 06
    Clinical Studies in NAFLD: Where are We Now?
    Stephen Harrison
    Michael R. Charlton
  • MTP - 07
    Challenges in Pediatric NASH
    Marialena Mouzaki
    Rohit Kohli
  • MTP - 08
    Emerging Treatments in Alcoholic Liver Disease
    Vijay Shah
    Ashwani Singal
  • MTP - 09
    Management of the Critically Ill Cirrhotic Patient
    Jody Olson
    Oren K. Fix
  • MTP - 10
    Using Hepatitis C Positive and PHS Increased Risk Organs: Practice and Pitfalls
    Michael Curry
    Surakit Pungpapong
  • MTP - 11
    Immunosuppression Withdrawal in the Transplant Child: Where Do We Stand?
    Sandy Feng
    John Bucuvalas
  • MTP - 12
    Personalizing Immunosuppression in the Adult Liver Transplant Recipient
    Josh Levitsky
    Sumeet Asrani
  • MTP - 13
    Interpreting Genetic Testing in Cholestasis: Kids and Adults
    Sylvia Vilarinho
    Richard Thonpson
  • MTP - 14
    When to Pursue Bariatric Surgery in Patients with Advanced NASH
    Julie Heimbach
    Naga Chalasani
  • MTP - 15
    Screening for Hepatic Encephalopathy – Does My Patient Have Minimal Encephalopathy?
    Jasmohan Bajaj
    Rajiv Jalan