AASLD is participating in an ABIM-approved GI/transplant hepatology pilot fellowship training program that allows eligible GI fellows to spend their third year training in transplant hepatology. If all GI and transplant hepatology competencies are achieved by the end of the third year, approved pilot fellows are eligible to take both GI and transplant hepatology ABIM certification examinations. This program is primarily designed to pilot a new competency-based training and assessment curriculum but has the potential of shortening training from four years to three.

Any ACGME-accredited GI fellowship program that has an affiliated ACGME-accredited transplant hepatology fellowship program is eligible to participate. Eligible programs and interested fellows can apply to AASLD during the fellow's second year. We encourage programs to identify interested fellows during their first year to ensure that the potential pilot fellow can complete all clinical GI requirements by the end of the second year and is on a trajectory to complete all GI competencies by the end of the third year to a degree sufficient to allow the fellow to focus the majority of the third year on the achievement of competency in transplant hepatology. Interested fellows cannot apply to the pilot program before they enroll in a GI fellowship program; however, we encourage fellows to discuss their interest in transplant hepatology and in the pilot when they apply, in part to determine whether participation in the pilot may be an option.

Contact the AASLD Transplant Hepatology Pilot Steering Taskforce Chair, Dr. Oren Fix, at Oren.Fix@swedish.org for questions or additional information.

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