Professional Integrity

  • Members should strive to improve the care and advance the health of their patients, advance medical knowledge and demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism.
  • Members shall comply with all AASLD policies including but not limited to AASLD bylaws and AASLD code of conduct, as well as all laws, government regulations and requirements of other bodies governing the member on account of his or her professional status.

Scientific Integrity

  • All research will be conducted in accordance with the member’s institutional regulations and federal laws related to animal and human research and comply with the highest standards for the ethical treatment of animals and humans in research.
  • All research reported by members will comply with the rules of authorship as outlined by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (1997).
  • All potential conflicts of interest that may potentially bias the conduct and/or reporting of the research must be disclosed by all members.

Personal Integrity

  • Members will use AASLD resources/logo for the benefit of AASLD and not for personal gain. Thus, members will not:
    • Use AASLD employees to perform services for a company/organization that the member has ownership interests in or receives remuneration from.
    • Engage in unauthorized use of AASLD resources to support an independent entity in which the member holds a financial or other interest.
    • Use AASLD resources for personal use.
    • Use the imprimatur of AASLD or one's relationship to AASLD to develop business and professional relationships that only benefit the individual.
    • Influence negotiation of contracts between AASLD and other entities that the member has ownership of or direct/indirect financial relationships with.
    • Interfere with the audit process of AASLD finances or attempt to influence the annual independent audit report.
  • Members shall disclose any relationships that pose or could be construed to pose potential conflict of interest such as relationships which may affect or appear to affect Association activities and decisions.

The relationships, rights, responsibilities, and obligations of AASLD members, officers, Governing Board, and committees are described.