All faculty members (including Program Planners, Program Chairs, Moderators, Panelists, and Presenters) are expected to agree to comply with AASLD's Faculty Expectations and Presentation Guidelines outlined below.

Presentation Preparation Guidelines

  • Presentations must be objective and free of commercial bias for or against any product or device. Slides and/or reference materials shall not, by their content or format, advance the specific proprietary interests of a commercial entity, and may not include commercial logos.
  • Research findings and therapeutic recommendations must be based on scientifically accurate, up-to-date information and are presented in a balanced, objective manner.
  • I warrant and represent that, to the best of my knowledge, nothing in my presentation violates any proprietary or personal rights of others (including with limitation copyright or privacy rights); is factually accurate and contains nothing libelous or otherwise unlawful.
  • I understand that the disclosure information provided above will be peer-reviewed. If a potential conflict of interest is identified, the planning committee members will request to review my presentation in advance of the meeting. Additionally, I understand that my disclosure information may be printed/made available in various meeting materials and that I am required to disclose all financial relationships within the last twelve months in the first slide of my presentation for display before the activity.
  • Information presented during The Liver Meeting® is the property of AASLD and the presenter. Information may not be recorded, photographed, copied, photocopied, transferred to electronic format, reproduced, or distributed without the written permission of AASLD and the presenter. Any use of the program content which includes, but is not limited to, oral presentations, audiovisual materials used by speakers, and program handouts, without the written consent of AASLD is prohibited. (Does not apply to Federal employees presenting within the scope of Federal employment)
  • I authorize AASLD to use my name, likeness, photograph and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the conference and my presentation.
  • If the activity in which I am presenting receives commercial support, I will not accept any payment from the commercial supporter.
  • I agree to notify the AASLD Office immediately in the event that an emergency should prevent me from meeting my obligation as a presenter. If such occurs, I acknowledge that honorarium, and/or reimbursement previously offered may be withheld.
  • Presentations must give a balanced view of therapeutic options; use of generic names will contribute to this impartiality. If the content includes trade names, where available, trade names from several companies must be used.

Presenter Agreement

I understand my presentation will be evaluated by program planners, audience participants and moderators for fair balance (e.g. perceived commercial bias).

Presentations may be recorded for printed and electronic distribution by AASLD. This includes posting on the e-learning portal LiverLearning®, any AASLD affiliated websites and printed communications. If your session(s) is selected for recording, presenters will have the ability to accept or decline this policy prior to the meeting.