Donald M. Jensen, MD, FAASLDName: Donald M. Jensen, MD, FAASLD

Institution: Rush University Medical Center in Chicago

Find me on: Twitter — @DonaldJensenMD | LinkedIn — Donald Jensen, MD

How do you use social media in your professional life?
I mainly use Twitter to disseminate information regarding hepatitis C (initially) and liver disease breakthroughs (more recently). It started as a way to publicize our research and attract both patients and industry. Now, it's mainly for sharing liver-related information.

What platforms bring you the most value and why?
I predominately use Twitter because it's just easier and quicker.

Why is it important for hepatologists and hepatology health care professionals to be on social media?
I'm not sure how "important' it is in the traditional sense, but it does offer a means for keeping abreast of the most recent updates in our field. It also offers a chance to network and share your interests with colleagues, here in the states and around the world.

What tips do you have for your colleagues who want to get started on social media?
Start small and link to just a few friends, colleagues and trusted sites (e.g., AASLD, EASL, CDC, WHO, etc.). Don't get too ambitious because it can consume a lot of time. Ask yourself what is it that you want to get out of it, and don't do it just to show that you went to a particular meeting or location.